Glitch wallets ads

hello, i have found a glitch in your browser and i would like to report it, but will i get any reward for it :slight_smile: It includes Brave Wallet ads.

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Hehe, Awesome Idea for getting attention!
I hope you’ll get Reward

i dont want attention lol, im just trying to help.

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ohh, This is a Good Job
I don’t mean That and surely you should help for address the problems getting a better product.
@steeven @Mattches Look at him. He wanna share something

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If you just wanted to help, you wouldn’t be asking for payment.

There are no “rewards” for reporting bugs in this way. If you simply browse around our Community and/or socials, you’ll see the users report bugs all the time to help improve the browser, without asking for payment. We appreciate any feedback and information on bugs you find in the browser but no, we are not going to pay you for that.