Give a option of direct google search like "Chrome"

Plz give a quick search of google (google search bar) like chrome have. Or, give us a option of enable it.

Have you checked the Search Engine settings here:

Looks like the link won’t work directly, so you can copy and paste into a new tab/window or you get to that setting area by clicking the little “hamburger” icon in the top right of the window and selecting “Settings” and scrolling down to it. Google is one of many search engines listed there.

Looks like this:


Also, the overall browser window looks like this (note that Brave Beta is my default browser and the screenshot is of Brave, not Brave Beta):

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Is that for pc? I am using android

Why on earth would you go for privacy browser like Brave and then want to add a search engine from a company that is widely known as privacy sapping overlords (by self admission) like google?

There s a very good reason why it is absent.

But default search result shows on Google. Anyway, I just told that beacuse i faced captcha for several time by direct searching…

As in Android on a smartphone? You posted in Desktop Support. What I posted applies to the desktop versions. There’s probably something similar in Android, but I don’t know the specifics. Plus, @Mirosan has a point.

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Hi @Niopai,

In the future, please provide the requisite info. Like Brave version, OS, example sites, screenshot of the issue, etc.

This kind of info should be provided when you try to create a new thread. Providing more info will really help with support and troubleshooting.

I’m not really sure about your issue. But you can choose your search engine via Settings > Search Engine.

I moved the post from “Uncategorized” to “Desktop support”. :sweat_smile:


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Understandable given the circumstances. :slight_smile:

Soryy for posting it on desktop section. I am very new on this site. I dont even know how to categorise them.

Anyway, i am trying to give a picture… What i am talking about.

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