Github Creators - Unsure what location is the tip available at?

I have set up github and allowed access for Brave. I cannot find the location that the tip would be available to be given ( I am just trying to verify that it is set up properly). I have twitter and youtube setup already and confirmed that I have the verified status in the brave browser.

BTW this is my first post, SO let me say :wave::smiley:

My name is Jay and I am a student at Lambda School. I am really excited to be apart of Brave. I love React JS. JS is my first language that I feel the most comfortable with. Looking forward to all the fun being a part of the community will bring. :+1: :smile:

Also is there a BAT logo we can use within our content titles/descriptions etc


If you use Release version, then it’s expected. Github tipping is still in the works. IIRC, it’s already in Nightly channel and will hit Release version in a couple of weeks.