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I think this is an amazing tracker blocker. They don’t operate by lists like fx. Disconnect does.

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Ghostery extension

Hey @KetaKongen,

Thanks for sending this in.

We’ve had a few requests for Ghostery. The problem with integrating Ghostery into Brave is around some of the relationships Ghostery has with Evidon and Cliqz:

Regarding Evidon:
With the Evidon partnership, Ghostery shares anonymously contributed tracking and web data with Evidon (that uses data shared for their own commercial offerings).

Regarding Cliqz:
Cliqz is a web browser that acquired Ghostery, and uses the anonymously contributed data for some of their features in the browser.

However, Ghostery is owned by Cliqz GmbH, a company that is focused on building a big, passionate user base across several products. This audience and technology infrastructure will empower Cliqz and Ghostery to evaluate several different business models that will drive new and traditional digital economies.

This means that Ghostery will be implementing proprietary Cliqz technologies, such as its anti-tracking functionality and that the Ghostery product and brand will be available immediately for download on the Cliqz browser.

By combining algorithmic and blocklist anti-tracking approaches, Cliqz and Ghostery will together further raise the benchmark in privacy protection

The potential conflicts with integrating Ghostery into Brave due to the Cliqz and Ghostery relationship are:

  • That the Ghostery user base becomes an audience segment, which can be fingerprinted or identified in a larger group of traffic.

  • That Cliqz has proprietary technology that is integrated with Ghostery, which may pose some conflicts with Brave (and again, be another signal used for spotting groups in a crowd).

All of that said, if you notice that Ghostery is blocking tracking that Brave tracking protection is not, please let us know and we’ll investigate and resolve.

I’m going to close out the post for now, but if you have any feedback please reply here and I’ll be happy to address further.


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