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Brave Rewards (Custodian) is NOT Supported in Ghana

I use the Brave Browser version

I am in Ghana, and it is not in a supported region, but won’t it be nice to earn while supporting creators like everyone else in the supported region?

(see here for list of supported regions)

Has this issue been resolved?

No please.

Since I am in Ghana, a region that does not have a Custodian, I am will be unable to go through the procedure of earning rewards like everyone else.

Please, what method or guide can I follow such that though my region is not supported, I too can earn and tokenize the BAT rewards

@Griphen there is nothing you can do for now. Brave will be releasing on chain payments later which will be able to open up more opportunities. The plan is to have it here in 2024. We just have to see how long until they transition. Until then, all you can do is wait for your region to become available.

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