Getting the ability to use your own video player and not have to autoplay videos

So I’ve gone through all the settings and everything and although it does what it says about blocking ads there is so much room for improvement this is very lackluster browser so far.
I need a setting to be able to not have to autoplay videos, yes I have it turned off on YouTube and it still automatically plays.
I’d llike to have the ability to use my own video player because when I use the websites video players they have the two black bars on the side of the screen when full screen and with the video player I use I can crop fit stretch slide up and down volume and brightness. :wink: would you guys make your own extension so we can have the option to have extensions or find trusted third-party people so we can have them?
Don’t hate me yet I’m probably spoiled from Samsung browser.

One picture is in desktop mode and won’t even go full-screen it becomes a black screen and the other one is in Mobile mode in the browser of course

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