Getting SYNC to WORK without jumping through hoops

Where do I get Live chat for help? Forum types NEVER deliver help when needed.

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Hi @Muddog13A, how can we help? CC’ing my colleague @Mattches as well.

I would start by providing the information that was requested in the editor when you posted.

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What Editor ? I never got past the overly long Hyper complicated 24 word pass code. C’mon guys…Too much of ANYTHING is not good. Make it shorter and to a point an old guy like me can remember and get right.

It MAY be good security, but it’s NOT user friendly. I agreed to assume some risk by signing on…don’t make it so hard us USERS can’t even use it.

5-6 ought to be enough. 24 just too much, in my opinion.

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We will not be compromising security — if you do not want to type them all, then I would copy/paste them.

What exactly is the issue?

it didn’t copy…
ok i give up.

Thanks for the time. That’s just a feature I’ll forgo, getting my laptop and desktop to coordinate.


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You can do.

Start over. Clean slate. Take your time. Make written notes of each step. Make a study of Brave Sync.

Note each step that frustrates, and report back here.


You can highlight and copy/paste the text from the Sync chain code box just like any other text. Additionally, there is a button in the window that will copy everything for you with a single click:

Also just to highlight the earlier point, if the code phrase were five words as you suggested, the number of possible permutations (where order matters) is 120. With a 24 word code phrase, the number is 620,448,401,733,239,439,360,000

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Tried that for a week before asking for help.
Thanks though.

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