Getting reward on 2 August

I was going to get reward on 2 August but some error comes. I didn’t get it. It’s also not updating when was second reward payment date is. I have not gotten the reward on 2 August.
Please help.
Thank you.

@Prakalp first, that’s not how you earn rewards (BAT). Brave Rewards is consist of two features:

  • Auto-contribute and Tipping – a feature that allow Brave users to support publisher and creators,
  • and Brave Ads – a feature that allow Brave users to earn BAT; available for supported countries. FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

More and

4 BAT that come in my wallet. What was that.

That’s grants, @Prakalp. Sometimes Brave do grants a free BAT, to help users try the Brave Rewards system.

As you can see on your screenshot, there’s a “grants” drop-down menu. If you click it, it’ll show the expiration date for those BAT.

BAT from grants have 90 days of expiration date. If not used within that period, it’ll be sent back to User Growth Pool.

Let me know if you have another question or if it’s still unclear m


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  1. When your “Brave reward program” will come in India. How much we have to wait.

  2. As you I was advertising your browser every where I go. I used to say Ooh you are using “Chrome” try “Brave” it’s better. But know I will wait.

oooh @Prakalp good news If you use Brave Nightly India was just recently for ads and considering the timeline for when Ireland was on Brave nightly to Brave official release I would say 4 - 10 weeks

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From where to download Brave Nightly India. I have official app from play store.
Thank you

nightly is only on desktop

When your Brave reward Program coming for Brave Android browser or app. How much time it will take.

There is some free BAT reward coming wallet is asking for claim & I am claiming but it just rotating and loading but nothing able to happen. I don’t know why.

I have not get my payment from publisher account to uphold account. My publisher account and uphold account is verify with same mail. And my uphold account is verify with identity card. And connected with my uphold account. I,m so worry about this problem. And I have not get my monthly grant.I use browser till all month. But I get nothing.

Hi I have not receive my Nov grant … can any tell me why this with me…