Getting Mozillians and Chromians on Board


I’ve just looked at your milestone for 1.0.0 and there are so many basic things that need to be fixed which may also transpire as bugs later on and was just curious why hasn’t there been a significant amount of support of the Chromium community (not chrome although they’re the same) especially Mozillians.

I mention this because I think V1.0.0 was supposed to be due before the start of 2017 I think and if not I suppose it is still overdue as stated on Github and I’m sure you’ll agree with me that these fixes need to be accelerated in a more efficient way. To be honest I say this because there are certain things that I primarily used on other browsers which sort of looks like it will take a year before fully implemented without any errors.

Altogether there are too many issues to get it running to a point where the only thing you’re focusing on is security and privacy - I was wondering couldn’t Brave adopt something unique temporarily whereby similar to a bug bounty it offers to pay for fixes. $10 for each fix for example.

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Hi @Numpty,
If I’m not wrong Brave have bug bounty program. You can find it here.

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@eljuno this was actually in regards of a request hetre Secure email functionality of ProtonMail and others

My point was if you have looked at the milestone as stated by brave, there are basic things that need to be addressed before certain suggestions are adopted and considered.

I understand they already have a bug bounty program and have been many fixes since; I just wanted hear of possibilities of a bringing Brave on the same level as Chrome and Firefox more quickly, hence my suggestion of something ‘similar’ to a bug bounty.
Correct me if I’m wrong but it was my understanding the the purpose of bug bounties was so cryptographers and developers of the like can fix or probe certain issues that might have been over looked.
If you look at the list of issues here remaining before v1.0 if I’m correct less than 30 are categorised as bugs and the other 90 odd issues are just on hold to be fixed.

Can also say if any Brave contributors view this couldn’t you update the milestone page as I think there has been a couple fixes already.


Yeah I get the point. I just want to point out about the program. I’m sorry if it confusing! :slight_smile:


I’d really like to see a few necessary extensions added and their milestone of issues preceding V1.0.0 was an indication for when users extensions are implemented but it seems a long way.
They definitely need more programmers, do you think its a good idea to petition cryptographers/programmers to contribute to Brave in exchange for crypto-coins.


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