Getting less ADDS, means Less BAT

So I’ve been using Brave browser since last year! I can still remember it was around April when I started using it. For the first time using Brave I was AMAZE by it and I much prefer using Brave than any other browser not because of the BAT coins but the service they are giving ( It’s not that I don’t like brave rewards but the truth is it took so long for my UPHOLD ACCOUNT to verified my account. Like I’m receiving 24 to 30 BATS a month. I remember I received almost 40 BATS in a month but since my uphold account is not verified it always restart my BAT coins back to zero every month! Crazy right?! HAHAHA but still I love using BRAVE because of it’s service). Now I referred so many friends and also my partner to install and use BRAVE, explaining this and that, I think I have convinced hundreds of people to use the browser that includes myself, my partner, family, brothers and sister, co-workers, relatives and friends AND FRIENDS OF MY FRIENDS and so on! But my story using BRAVE Browser did not end up a happy ending. Last year around September or October I think, my pc crashed and I have to restart it like HARD RESET! When the issue of my PC was solved the first thing I did was installed Brave browser in pc and after that HARD RESET I’m getting BAT coins less and less like 2 BATS in a month, but I didn’t care because that time BAT coins is not important to me. Because I was not interested in crypto and 1 BAT in Philippines is only worth 2 pesos or less than $0.10 by that time. So around December or January my uphold account was verified and BOOM did not give a s#@t about it or maybe I was so busy that I forgot about it. Now last month! I’m getting positive feedbacks from my friends that they are getting hyped of brave because 1 BAT reached more than $1.00. So the me in myself thinking that ohh I need to check my BAT coins how’s it doin! but it surprise me to see this!!! It’s crap in 3 months from FEBUARY to APRIL I received 2 BATS and a HALF only!!! When I asked my partner how much BAT she’s getting a month she said 24 to 30 BATS! Like!!! what the heck!! She only started using Brave last November and her uphold account was verified last January. Her earnings from Feb to April reached almost 100 BATS!!! It’s so unfair and when I asked my friends and family they are receiving same BATS and here I am the one who introduced BRAVE BROWSER to them is getting almost 3 BATS in 3months!!!


she is probably using a vpn, and even with a vpn is almost imposible to get 24-30 bats /month because currently most of ads only pay 0.01 bat and it has been like that for the last 4 months -I think :thinking: -

Well to be honest she is not using VPN. Because here in the PH using VPN will only slow the internet speed… Like literally she hates using VPN.

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