Getting error: region currently not supported for Portugal - how come?

I am getting “Error: region currently not supported” while trying to connect my Uphold account (Portugal).
How is it possible?

Is Uphold grayed out with this message or does it appear after you sign in?

Are you originally from Portugal or from another country? To be specific, what passport did you submit to Uphold when you created your account?

I can login without problems to Uphold.
I have registered with Uphold ± 3 years ago with docs from one of those countries which are not supported anymore.
Around 1 year ago I have updated my documents after moving to Portugal.
So all seems to be fine from Uphold side.

This error I am getting on Brave Rewards side:
“Error: region currently not supported” while trying to connect my Uphold when I try to connect Uphold account."

This likely is your issue.

But what did you update? A lot of people tend to just do a change of address and submit that documentation, but that generally doesn’t require your passport and doesn’t get that updated. The difficulty is that Uphold reports your country to Brave based on your passport. So if they never updated your passport to be from Portugal, then Brave can’t see you’re in Portugal.

Thank you Saoiray
I will contact Uphold asking them to update my address based on my actual residence.
Will update this thread once it gets resolved in either way.

@chestozo No, you got it wrong. It isn’t address. You need passport updated. They need to see you have nationality in Portugal, not that you are just living there. You can live places without being a legal citizen. This is why the phrasing and type of document submitted matters.

All worked fine with residence card after contacting Uphold support - they have triggered KYC and after passing it all is good now.

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