Getting error as limit reached, on the same device and no resolution

I have only two devices, mobile and laptop

mobile i didn’t sync it to uphold login.

With laptop, windows 10, it worked earlier but from past few months, i am getting this error.

Posted question ealier, but they are getting closed without resolution.

earlier questions posted:

below are the details which are asked earlier but no response after providing.

Someone posted there asking some details, please find below.



There is a form here.
You can add 1 wallet at the time.
Its happened to me, and now i verifed only my mobile.
Because as they said i reached the limit.

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But I don’t have any running wallets linked.
I linked only 2 devices (laptop+mobile) earlier and issue with those devices only now

The limit is a lifetime limit (again, at this time), meaning that any device you’ve ever verified with it – even if it was the same device but a different Brave install/wallet – takes up a slot. Please fill out the form @Osamaaa3 linked above and submit a wallet unlinking request.

Dude this is so weird, every person have the chance of a faulty device or formated one.
Why this restrictions?

في الثلاثاء، ٢٨ ديسمبر ٢٠٢١ ٨:١٤ م Mattches via Brave Community <> كتب:

I have the same problem. I hope it can be solved

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