Getting browser redirects - orange screen claiming site blocked for malware - Bogus


Browser suddenly malfunctioning and saying normal websites are malware or stealing information when it is not. This just happened. I ran a virus scan and nothing was found.
Clicking on this link from the Daily Wire website redirects you to this orange error screen:

For your safety, Brave has blocked this site because it is distributing malware or stealing login credentials

URLS being redirected and blocked

They were not blocked earlier today or in days past. I pulled up the first one on firefox, no issues after the problems here, no issues. You have something wrong going on FYI. I hope you fix it soon.



Brave is blocking either whole sites or stories on sites on Breitbart, Daily Wire, and Western Journal, that I am aware of.

They aren’t blocking Slate, Salon, and HuffPost - all Liberal sites.

Probably they are relying on some third-party site to flag what is malware or not, and some Progressive who can’t handle the truth has flagged these conservative sites.

Brave should just let people surf the net like they want, and quit trying to be their nanny.



Thank you very much. I had hoped it wasn’t that. I’ll have to start using a different browser. Odd that it only started yesterday evening. They need to stop using whatever list is falsely flagging them.

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