Getting access to old account from new brave wallet

My brave wallet was upgraded automatically without my consent. I lost access to 1 of the accounts that I created using brave browser and I don’t have the seed phrase or JSON. Can I get it back?

I’m aggravated about this, also. All of my tokens need to be re-added. What a pain in the ass. I wish it was left alone.

You can go and select the deprecated wallet in brave://settings/wallet

Thank you, however, I still can’t connect to, for instance. It says I must use metamask, which, I always have in order to connect to BW… Now, BW is not recognized, and I can’t use the metamask button on CoinGecko to add a token in order for it to appear. Your chain adding on anyswap worked. Thank you for that.

just choose metamask when you connect. Brave uses the same protocol. works fine for me

Sorry for the trouble. Our upgrade / import process missed the mark and required you to add custom networks again, edit your visible asset list, and manually add imported keys. issues should be fixed with the latest hotfix (1.32.113) please let us know if there are still issues with it with the new wallet.

As for access to your manually imported accounts, you can set your default wallet back to Crypto Wallets, export there, then import to the new wallet.

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