Getting a duplicate window when clicking on link that opens a popup -- regression for version 1.43.93

Description of the issue:
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. I click a link that will open a popup window
  2. The popup window opens in the background; a duplicate window of my current window opens in the foreground
  3. (This happens on many websites that have a sharing link for Twitter, Facebook, Gab, etc. … such links are designed to open a popup window to share the current tab’s link)

Expected result: → I expect the popup from clicking on the link to open in the foreground without a duplicate window opening instead in the foreground (duplicate window of my current window)

Brave Version( check About Brave): → 1.43.93

Additional Information: → I am using Desktop Linux on a Chromebook

I disabled one of my extensions, and it seems to be helping … will update further when I am convinced that this extension was the culprit with version 1.43.93 … (extension’s name is “Sloth”)

My problem has come back even after disabling the Sloth extension … mystery still not solved …

OK, this problem still occurs now with all extensions disabled.

OK, I have seemed to solve the problem for now by switching my setting from “continue where I left off” to “open the new tab page” as seen in this photo upload from my laptop … this was not necessary prior to version 1.43.93 on my Brave Desktop installation on my Chromebook/Linux.

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