Gets logged out of sites randomly

Description of the issue:

Good day! I keep getting logged ouf of sites when using my computer. it randomly happens, multiple times a day and not only on Google sites as i’ve read some of the topics here. so frustrating to try relogging in

Example of sites being logged out:
Google sites: Gmail, Keep, Calendar
Reddit, Discord, Medium, Facebook, bank sites

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1. 2. 3.

  1. On brave://settings/clearBrowserData, nothing is enabled
  2. On brave://settings/cookies under Always clear cookies when windows are closed, nothing is checked
  3. On brave://settings/cookies, allow all cookies is selected

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):

Expected result:

Reproduces how often: logs account out every hour or two, simultaneously

Brave Version(about:brave): v1.56.14 on Windows 10

Reproducible on current live release (yes/no):

Additional Information:

  1. I regularly clear your browsing data/cookies manually
  2. No VPN
  3. Might not matter but I tried turning the shields off to see if it resolves the issue
  4. Tried logging in incognito, not experiencing the log outs
  5. tried turning off all extensions
  6. Reset settings to original defaults
  7. Finally tried reinstalling Brave + clearing all data for a fresh start

I appreciate the help!

Login information is usually attached to Cookies, so they are getting clear out somehow.

Also, remember Brave ‘blocks’ 3p cookies, but that’s not completely true, the cookie gets isolated in a temporary Storage called Ephemeral, and they just get cleared after you close the website, so if you the website you used to log in is not in the same domain as the website you are logging in, then they will be treated as such.

Of course you mention some ties that that have 1p login cookies, so that information will be useful but don’t fix anything.

How do you clear the cookies ‘manually’ anyway?

Brave by default doesn’t allow cookies set by JS to be greater than 7 days as well, so some cookies will be cleared like that from time to time.

What does Devtools say about the cookies?

in brave://settings/clearBrowserData are you sure you are not clearing On Exit? there is a difference between “On Exit” and anything else, because there is no white list to stop on Exit stuff.

Maybe you installed a 3p program that is doing it automatically or something or an extension, it just doesn’t make sense because Brave can’t do anything is not supposed to do, Brave is not aware of anything, it doesn’t know there is a Cookie file with login information, the thing is when you open a website, the site will read the information from it, and that’s it, but Brave will not clear something only because it is there.

BTW the Cookies file is in %localappdata%\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default\Network And there should be a reason why it is being cleared or something.

You are not even saying how your Site Data looks like when the logins supposedly disappear, every cookie is gone? every other storage?, the information is incomplete and I doubt anyone can help you with what you provided.


There is also “Forget me when I close this site” feature now as a global Shields setting and individually per site as well.

Unless it was something like Disk failure which I doubt, then you are causing it with a 3p program installed or an extension or something.

Brave does things differently compared to other browsers, like when you have Continue where you left off Session cookies are supposed to be kept by the browser, but they are not, meant to be, just like the 7 days JS cookie limitation.

But nothing gets ever cleared on my side just randomly.
There is no reason why this post is marked as “feature request” as well, since it is obviously a problem you have somewhere in your computer.