Get rid of the title bar when zooming in! It is unnecessary and annoying

Please at least make it so you can zoom in and make the title bar go away. Or at least make it an option. Every time I try to zoom in on something the title bar is in the way and annoying. There’s really no need to constantly know what website I’m on. That would be great to be able to to zoom in and not have that big strip of unnecessary information blaring in your face. Thank you.

You mean the tiny strip of URL on top here? Did one in landscape and other portrait mode.

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The “url bar”. It’s annoying. and on my smaller phone the original I phone “SE” so the size of an iphone 5 ( screen size of approximately 2" x 3 1/2") it takes up a good amount of real estate on my screen. It is also just this band of gray wasted space. I went to the website already. I don’t need it to constantly tell me what website I am on. I am already well aware of what I am trying to look at on the screen. Is there any way to turn it off? Or could someone make it an “option” so you CAN turn it off.

That would wonderful and greatly appreciated.

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Hi again,

Here’s some screenshots. On my smaller phone it takes up a decent amount of screen size and on the 2” x 3.5” screen i could use all of the screen usefully. Or else it strains me eyes.