Get paid by Agreeing to see ads?



Besides the ad blocking we have with Brave i read everywhere that we can support sites with our payment option that brave offers and also that users will also get some profit by the brave ads they will allow to watch. When this option will be available ?


Hi @teo,

Yes, Brave Payments is a way for user to support publisher they like/most visited even when you blocked their ads with Brave. You can enable it in about:preferences#payments. Here’s the FAQ about Brave Payments.

This feature is not live yet.

Hope this can help answer your questions.
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Thank you for your instant answer. I do like Brave very much but let me do a humble suggest. Please inform the sites who advertise that future that it is not ready yet!!! I don’t think it is good for the reputation of the project to read something that will be in the future as it happening now.



Hi @teo

Wanted to help give an update on this:

  • The article cited is over a year old, and covers the Show Brave Ads feature.

  • That feature was tested last year, but was ultimately put on hold for the Basic Attention Token (BAT).

  • The BAT Platform will be integrated into Brave in the months ahead, and will utilize tokens for valuing engaged attention.

For more information on the BAT, please take a look at



Thank you @luke.mulks honestly i didn’t want to be rude , i just wanted to comment something i read very often since i “see” news regarding brave on many sites.

                                                                                                                                 Thank you again


Since the BAT’s ICO, it’s price has fallen considerably; now may be a good time to stock up for the future.

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