Get my brave rewards after auth. with uphold?

I have rewards from advertising brave on my youtube channel.
I have auth. with uphold. Loaded all my id details to the platform.
Now I have no option to transfer my fund to uphold.
Could you please help me to get my BAT funds?
My username on brave is: pep66

So you have a verified Uphold account and did you link it to your Creators Account?

Brave Creator payouts start on the 8th of each month (Feb 8 is the next date) and usually takes a couple of days. If you encounter issues with withdraws post on this community to get help from Brave support. For now you may have to wait until mid Feb for the transfer to complete to Uphold.

on the brave creators page I see that my account on uphold is connected.
I do it the first time. So please help me to understand.
Its connected with uphold. So for now I have to do something or is everything working
on the 8 of feb. without me. So if I understand everything right my creators BAT will be transferred to my uphold account automatically?. So the question is do I have to do anything else to get my BAT with uphold? Do I have to press any button on the brave creators page or is everything working without my interaction on the 8 feb.???

As long as your Uphold account is verified and shown as connected to your Brave Creators account you do not need to do anything. If you login into your Creators account early Feb you will see a notification saying Payments are processing… and usually completes by the 15th. If the payment does not complete to Uphold and the notification disappears, come back here to get help.

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Thank you for the fast reply. You are great

Ok now is the 8 Feb and still I cant see any change on my account. Please help me.
I want to get my brave reward to my uphold account.

Please help me.
I have 676 BAT and I dont know how to get them out. Everything is connected to uphold. And Uphold is registered right. So what should I do now?
Here I copied what it writes me in the account.

Uphold Wallet—Connected @pep66

Deposit Currency: BAT

Read the previous answer again. Creator payments start on the 8th and take a coupe of days to complete.

Same dude. I’ve been waiting

Just waiting to payment to come…

The thing is steeven did not Post a Payout Thread. So we dont know if we will receive anything.

Please help me to understand right. Right now I was notified that I got 11bat on my uphold account. But in my creators account as you can see in the attachment I have 676bat. How can it be that I got just 11BAT and the others not?

I try to understand the eco system of brave. You can have your balance with 676bat but get just 11bat in this month. Could anybody tell me why? And what is the real problem behind this all? I have a youtube channel for crypto and I was telling my community about this great browser and the rewards. Now I am thinking if I still should promote that cause if there are problems with payments than you will have the same problems if anybody donates you BAT for your creators work. And than you get your money virtual but can t do anything with it? Or you get just small parts of your balance each month. That is sill bad news for creators who need this money.

How is it going with your payouts folks?

I got just 11 bat from my 676bat that I have as balance.
Hope anyone can help me to become my bats out.
I did a lot of work to earn it and now I want my rewards!!!

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