German users lose all their BAT, tipping doesn´t work

Hi, I´m a long time german user of the Brave Browser and I still like it. But the way you treat german users is terrible. Since I am a user there was no possibility to send the collected BAT to a wallet. There were a lot of promises, but nothing really happened. I understand your legal problems, but a lot of coin sites have the option to send coins to Metamask here in Germany, so this must be legal.
Now all coins will be lost for german users next month, because of the change of your system. We only have the option to tip creators outside of Germany. OK, I lost all my earnings, so I tipped my 2 favorite faucet pages that are verified creators (they are no scammers, because I received all my cashouts). In my Browser the tips are gone and I can see, that they received the tip.
So after 10 days (thats the time you keep the BAT) I mailed them, if they received my tips. Both didn´t get anything, so you don´t only fool us german users, you also don´t give the creators their tips ???
All of this is very disappointing and I would like to get a statement of a Brave official, because I like your Browser.

It’s not just Germany buddy. I am from India, it isn’t supported either. There’s a lot of other countries not being supported. For most part it is because of laws/rules set by our government or governing bodies for finance.
You’ll find updates at

@SmartyAadi thanks for your reply, but the laws / rules are not a problem in Germany. If Brave would respect users from Germany & India, they would support serious, regulated Cryptoexchanges like Binance, Coinbase or eToro. They all have bank licences in Europe and you can receive and trade BAT.
Why do they only support wallets like Gemini (Trustpilot 1,1 of 5 Stars) and Wallet Uphold (Trustpilot 1,7 of 5 Stars). I earned a lot of coins on many pages and there were never problems to cash out all kinds of coins. There is only one difference when you cash out, are they scammers that keep 100% of the profits or good sites & projects that share the profits with their users.

For that.

Its different rules for such rewards system. Its not as easy as we think. As for India, we do have some stup id laws making hard for crypto businesses.

No, I get a share of the earnings that Brave generates with their Ad-Partners credited in BAT. Same business model like every other faucet site, that cash out to Coin Exchanges or wallets like MetaMask.

Thats the problem, they are not willing to pay the fees for the users. Most faucet sites you give your wallet adress to cash out and the one who sends the coins has to pay the fee. So the faucet sites let you pay that fee if you cash out on their site or they take some exchange fee.
When you cash out at Metamask, there is the option to skip the fee to the receiver - if he accepts. All these payforms are legal, daily used, highly accepted and possible for Brave.

We have these laws too. You don´t get an account at a coin exchange without ID verification. But if they scam you, they can lose their Bank License and you are verified for what belongs to you.
MetaMask doesn´t need verification

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