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Hello, I’m using Brave like a normal person. I don’t manipulate anything, and I’ve been using Brave for more than 2 years. It’s very unusual that you provided excuses in your previous response. When will I receive the BAT tokens that I earned? How can I get flagged if the earnings cannot be manipulated on the blockchain or through my web browser as a client? Please be fair and send me my earned BAT tokens. Best regards.

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Thank you for reaching out to Brave Support.

Sometimes your Brave Rewards profiles can be “flagged”. That usually means our systems noticed some irregular activity associated with Brave Ads. “Irregular activity” is activity that would be considered unusual compared to an ordinary person using Brave Ads as part of their overall, everyday browsing experience.

We have reviewed the flag, and your Rewards profiles will not be reinstated. They will remain flagged.

Thank you again for understanding and patience as we work to improve the ecosystem for all users.

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sorry , i dont think so , the banana and brave company get pay to send us advertisements, but it look like, they dont wanna to share with us, because of bearish markt!!!
every 3 moths , they come with that excuse, that i got flag **

  • HOW??? as client


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