General browser settings are getting ignored



as a new Brave user I might ask something that has already been answered. So please forgive me.

I’m using Brave on Android 5. I do not want to block ads but only block tracking stuff. So I went to settings and chose to not block ads but to block tracking. However on every website all ads are blocked and not only the ones which track me.

I know I can override settings for every website by choosing the lion icon. However as I understand it the settings I have made on the browser settings page should work for every website by default unless I override it.

Do I forget somehing? Thanks for your help.

Update: If I go to the browser’s general settings and disable adblocking and tracking protection adblocking will be disabled on every new website that I visit. But the desired behavior is to only disable adblocking and not tracking protection.


@Brave_user, thanks for reporting it, we are going to investigate that

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