Generación de token de identificación

Intento acceder a un navegador, pero me pide una confirmación la cuál antes me aceptaba, pero ahora si lo intento me aparece mismatched token, y no me deja ingresar.

In English:

I try to access a browser, but it asks me for a confirmation of which one was accepted before, but now if I try it I get mismatched token, and it won’t let me enter

Not sure what you’re saying here. Are you saying that when you open a new tab you get a captcha verifications ?

No, what happens is that I try to enter a site and it does not let me because there is an error in the generation of tokens to confirm my id

I’m not quite sure that I understand this.

the problem is fixed

Okay, that’s great. If you know what could’ve solved the problem, please share so that other users can help themselves if possible!

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