Gemini verified user not recieved 8th October 2021 payout yet!

I am a gemini verified user. I was supposed to recieve my BAT on 8th of October ,but unfortunately i haven’t recieved it yet. How much time it would take to recieve my payout because it includes my collected BAT from September also!!


I am a gemini verified user. I was supposed to recieve my BAT on 8th of October ,but unfortunately i haven’t recieved it yet…Please help

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Payouts are currently processing, so don’t be alarmed if you have not yet received your BAT from ads. Please see this thread for updates - Ads Payout Status Update.

Thank you for your patience!


When will it Arrive its been a day already. And why does it take so long with Gemini? never had this problem with Uphold


I have not gotten it on uphold either. Be patient.

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I did not receive monthly payout for Gemini


HI I’m Gemini user as well and did not receive my rewords as well did any one get this sorted

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i also have the same problem, brave nightly browser doesn’t show claim while i connected to Gemini wallet
I have updated to the latest version

give me faith so i can keep using your browser :frowning:


Hi Steeven. How long does the payout usually last?

Even I am having the same issue. The BAT were not transferred to Gemini wallet and also in the Rewards section of Brave for October I don’t see any record of my BAT Earned from Ads.

Please let me know if anyone know what exactly is the issue and how to fix it.

Hi Steeven,

In the Ads Payout Statue Update only mentioned Verified wallets (Uphold) but how about Verified wallets (Gemini)?

I had changed from Uphold to Gemini yet I haven’t receive my payout, please advise.

Thank you,

Verified does not have a claim button. If you are verified with any custodian, it will happen automatically.
All you have to do is wait. It can take up to a week for the bats to appear in your custodian wallet.
Payments are still pending. So you all just need to chill.

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thank you, hope that happens

From the 5 devices I’m running brave only received half bat from one of them. The rest nothing. Someone is messing with people earnings and that is not good. Just go to where you got brave and 1 star and report this mess.

It is an estimate what you see in the rewards panel. Not the final amount.
So you rate a perfectly fine browser 1 star because you overread that it says “estimated” ?

Not saying brave rewards is perfect. I had my fair share of issues with it as well. But I wouldn’t say it’s bad.
You just gotta wait. I have gotten multiple payments for the same device before days apart.

Payments are still processed and pending. So all you gotta do is wait.

The problem is there is no record of it at all in the October statement. Surely even if it is processing there should be a record of the BAT earned for that month? All the fields are zero, is that the same for everyone?


Yea, usually it showed 0 for me always as well. But that doesnt affect your pay outs.

Yeah updated tonight and all is good in the hood.

I’m a gemini verified user, still didn’t recieve september earnings, can somebody check…

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Late here but was waiting for payout thinking it was just delayed. Still have yet to receive it. Am I the only one left?