Gemini Support Issues?

Briefly describe your issue:
I am having issues connecting my Gemini account to Brave. It is saying the region isn’t supported. I live in the United States and I can connect Gemini on other devices.

I have tried reinstalling the app with no success.

I did travel during the time Gemini was having issues. So I don’t know if this could have anything to do with it. But is there anyway to fix this?


What Operating System and Brave version are you using? (Menu --> About Brave)

Brave 1.58.135, Chromium 117.0.5938.140
Android 14; Build/UP1A.231005.007

I also had issues while on Android 13.

Who is your verified custodian?


Are you in a supported region?


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Gemini is currently having issues. More details at


I hope the fix works. I had this same connecting issue begin on my phone last month while my pc was still working. Today my pc brave browser disconnected from Gemini and it will no longer connect. Sad to see.

Can we connect multiple brave account from a single custodian wallet

Yes, you can connect multiple brave installations to a single custodial Partner account. Your connection will be blocked though, if an odd number of devices are connected. Like 10 20 devices. So only connect on personal devices only.

I have three devices and I installed Brave beta,brave nighty and brave browser in my three devices total 9 brave browser in my three devices so I can connect all browser to a single custodian account

Don’t know. Officially there’s no limit yet it doesn’t let many devices connect. No one knows what’s the limit. So you just need to kinda do trial & error.

I get the same message. I have also seen a message saying ive been flagged? I have never got paid once since i connected my gemini account. Why cant brave pay me thru the brave wallet?

Government rules & regulations. They’re looking into direct payments on Solana but ko ETA.

Gemini is temporarily unavailable for new devices/users, so existing users should be able to re-connect, but you won’t be able to connect new devices to your Gemini account at this time. We are working with Gemini to see when they will be able to accept new Brave Rewards users.

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I’m an existing user, but it is not allowing me to re-connect (screenshot below). Could you relay this to them and let me know if they need more information?

@BTCAlchemist Just to ask a bit more on it, when you say you’re an existing user, what do you mean?

To be clear, when Chriscat is saying new devices/users, we’re speaking about Rewards profiles. So if you uninstalled Brave, are using Brave on a new device, created a new profile, or anything like that…it classifies you as a “new user.” You would have had to been connected to Gemini in the past and not done anything to reset or change the Rewards profile since.

I was connected to Gemini in the past with the same browser profile.

@BTCAlchemist all I can say is officially, they are saying as quoted below:

But I’m seeing enough issues and delays, that I personally am just rather telling people it’s pretty much down completely and not seeming to work. It seems to be a bit of a roll of the dice. Just stuck waiting for Gemini to fix the issue.

Same problem as " BTCAlchemist above…“older user”…connected to Gemini about a year ago? No “resets” or profile changes. “Sorry there was a problem processing your request, please try again” over and over. October BAT deposit arrived OK at Gemini. I guess I will wait it out.

Can we use the Brave built-in self-custody wallet to collect BAT and then transfer it out to our own hardware wallet now? Was initially allowed years ago, then we had to use Gemini/Uphold, etc… Am looking to just transfer BAT out of Brave w/o 3rd party interference.

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@Brian_D no such option. I don’t remember ever being able to pull BAT away from the browser without first going through an exchange.

That said, Brendan Eich and others have been teasing the idea of finally getting on chain BAT payments out. Supposedly they’ll have some more details out with the BAT Roadmap. We were expecting the roadmap to be out a month or so ago, but I guess it’s been kind of stuck in legal and they’ve been making modifications. On our last Community Call, it was said they hope to have the BAT Roadmap released within the next 2 weeks or so.

Hopefully they do get it to us within the next few weeks and we’ll have some exciting news with it. Main issue will be figuring out timelines and all.


Yeah, I guess I am “old school”…there was a period in the “early days” of BAT when you could move your BAT from the Brave Browser to an outside wallet or hardware device. Then came the “KYC” exchange rule. I moved some BAT over to a personal crypto wallet in the “olden’ days”. :wink: Thanks for the update on the “Brave Roadmap”!

Oh is it? Didn’t know about this. Thanks!

Still getting this Gemini link error. What is causing such a long delay from Gemini?

Most likely the lawsuits they are facing and a lot of changes. While nothing is being said by Brave, I am kind of assuming Gemini is dead in the water. I figure Brave would be speaking more on it and giving us hope if things were going well. The overall silence is a good indication that Gemini is not going well.

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