Gemini signup BAT payment


Quick question about the 5 free BAT for new Gemini users who link their Brave browser.
Is this reward paid out at the end of the month like all the ad watching rewards, or should it be paid out sooner?

Many thanks.



I linked my new Gemini Wallet. Rather than getting those 5 BATs, I lost my BATs. Becareful.

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@skillnter Thanks for the heads up :+1:

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Yeah same here. Did not receive the 5 BAT and it also emptied my whole wallet.
Anyone knows what to do know?

I also haven’t received my 5 BAT

Hello & Welcome @Sjoelbak and @king4561 to the Community forum.

I think the 5 free BAT for the Gemini signup might get paid at the beginning of next month whenever all BAT rewards are paid, but I’m waiting for BAT Support to confirm.

Thankfully my BAT Wallet didn’t empty, but I’ve seen a couple of other posts that say the same thing. I’m fairly sure there’s a way for Support to see what’s up and fix it… it just might take a bit of time.

Here’s a post about the 5 Free BAT that says they’re paid out 30 days after your new signup and link to Brave browser :slightly_smiling_face:

Later in the thread there is this post @skillnter @Sjoelbak

My Gemini wallet was verified on the 10th of August but still haven’t received the 5 free BAT. Will wait until the October payment goes in to see if it does and if not then I will complain to someone at Brave on here. They did say within 30 days after verification though and it has been more than that. Also still waiting for Gemini wallets to be available on Android, taking a bit to long with that as well. Hopefully the people at Brave are reading these comments and will offer up some information.

when we try to link brave rewards from brave rewards section to Gemini we got this page, although we have already signing & verified customerof gemini transferred our earned BATS to gemini. can you clarify anyone whether we would receive our signing of rewards after one month?

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Agreed, I figured the BAT would be in my Uphold wallet and so went to transfer it out of there to Gemini. Swapped to LTC for cheap fees and sent to Gemini, but they don’t exchange LTC (or anything?) for BAT. So sent it somewhere else and will just use Gemini for my new BAT rewards. Pain, but :man_shrugging:t4:. Also, haven’t received my 5 free BAT but only been 3 weeks or so for me

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Same here, did you manage to get yours back?

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not right now… but they replied this:

Also, I got my old BATs back after a little bit of back and forth but Gemini support was quick.


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