Gemini gives returns?

I changed the wallet because they announced that Gemini gave returns on your bats, is this so? how does it happen? we should do something?

Transfer your BAT balance on Gemini from your Trading Wallet to your Earn Wallet. The Earn Wallet pays a 1.01% annual % yield. Small, but better than 0.00%.

Unless I have misunderstood it depends where you are located as to whether this is avaliable.

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I’m from Argentina, so in that case I don’t have interest options in Gemini? Because that’s why I switched from Uphold to Gemini.

Contacting Gemini support would be a way of knowing for certain, but my understanding is while there may be advantages to using one of the wallet options over the other, Gemini earn only works for those in certain jurisdictions.

what are the advantages of gimini over uphold?

Not for me to say. People’s circumstances are different so I suggest you research which best suits your objectives and go from there.
Sorry if this doesn’t feel like the most helpful of responses and others may feel differently and might comment accordingly.

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