Gemini currently not available in your region error!

@aqq issue has been that Gemini is down. They were able to partially get things up so browsers which had been connected to Gemini could login again, but it’s been to the point where new connections to browsers/profiles that hadn’t been connected can’t be done.

If you check and kind of look through posts, such as PSA: Known issue with Gemini (Gemini is down) you’ll see where it’s been discussed a bit and shows like screenshot below

Rewards doesn’t sync, so that part doesn’t matter.

Hard to say. If it was connected, it should remain connected and you’ll see it mention at brave://rewards-internals. It would be weird if it fully disconnected, even on the back end. But if it is seeing it in a logged out state, then you’d not be able to earn since you must be connected to a custodial partner to earn BAT.

But other possible issue could be that your account (Rewards profile) got flagged.

When you say your Rewards have stopped updating for a month now, is that on just one device or all of them?