Gemini available in India. A new Hope?

Hello community,
Gemini has recently started offering wallet and exchange services to Indian customers. And also listed “BAT” as the available crypto to exchange.

Link to the Gemini website and info-

This is a question to @Saoiray.
Dear @Saoiray, I’ve been closely following your updates in PSA: Unsupported Region - #392 by Saoiray
and I thank you and the Brave Team for your continuous efforts at supporting the Indian region for Custodial Wallet and I congratulate you for your success with France. Here are some questions directed at you(need your expertise)-

Custodial wallets herein referred as CWs

1)Since Gemini is offering a wallet service in India, how likely will it be available to add Gemini as a CW for Indian Brave users?

2)What is the exact problem with providing CWs for India, is it the regulations of the land or the lack of CW players?

3)What is the process (in brief) when you approach a potential CW provider (in this context Gemini)?

Hey. I know I’m not @Saoiray but as far as I have heard from Community calls and all, Gemini being supported back for regions again has a very slim possibility atleast for any time soon.

I suppose most likely rules & regulations regarding crypto in India. Even Binance CEO said that it is not Viable for crypto exchanges in India to grow or to do business. Also, it could be increased fraud/scams from our region (PS. I am from India too!)

In this I’ll quote what Brendan Eich said (already at CURRNT FAQ BY @Saoiray)

I would like to point out that even if an exchange supports a country, in this context Uphold/Gemini, then still it could be that they don’t support your region for connecting to Brave Rewards. When it comes to Brave rewards, there’s a lot more things than just having an exchange operate in a region. Also when support from regions is withdrawn, it’s more likely a decision made jointly by Brave and Uphold / Gemini.

Hey @SmartyAadi , I know you, I’ve seen quite a lot of posts by you earlier. In fact, I’ve read one just a while ago. Thank you for answering my questions.

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