Gemini android bat payment

I’ve just received my first payment on android with gemini linked. With uphold I would get like an email statement telling me how much I earnt but with gemini there is nothing! How do I find out how much I received? I clicked on claim but it never showed me how much I claimed and can’t remember what my bat holdings was before I claimed it. Someone please help.

Gemini is not the greatest (ok, they are terrible :stuck_out_tongue:) at documenting transactions. I use windows and hope the information I provide is the same on Android. If it isn’t, maybe another community member will jump in and help!

On the Brave side, you can view your rewards received by looking at your statement. Just click “View Statement” on the Rewards Panel. On the Gemini side, go to Account → Balances and then click on Transfer history. The BAT transferred into your Gemini account will display here. The amount on your Rewards statement and the amount transferred into Gemini should match.

There is no “view statement” on android but can see 3 bat was transferred in on gemini. Thanks for the tip.

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