Gemini and Uphold not available in my region, now what?

Hi All,

I live in the Netherlands and i just received a mail from Gemini that their services are no longer availble in my region.
Neither Uphold or Gemini are supported here it seems.
How can I still earn BAT, when there is no custodial wallet available?

Please help?

You’re out of luck. You can’t earn unless the Netherlands is supported again.

@haxquiz unfortunately it means you may not be able to earn BAT for yourself at this time. There are some alternatives being looked into, including on chain BAT payments. However, nobody knows a timeline for when or if this will come to fruition.

Wow,i kind of expected a little more…um… cohesiveness i guess is the word.

It’s a shame really, if only coinbase was an option.

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