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Hi, I’m from Portugal and I have Brave in my Android connected to Gemini (before only US was possible).
I formatted my PC and after reeinstalling Brave I can’t connect Brave Rewards to Gemini like I have in my Android. Is it possible or I will have to create an account with Uphold?

It will be only available on Uphold. The only reason your Android is able to connect right now is because that particular browser had been linked prior to changes. Once you do something like format the PC, it changes to a new Rewards ID and is seen as a new device.

Fortunately, it seems Portugal is on the list that can connect to Uphold, so you should be good that way.

I’m having trouble even creating an account in Uphold, after introducing the requirements to create an account I click next and nothing happens… I had an account already but no password reset arrives in my email. I will try to create directly in their website the account and try to login only in BR.

Are you talking about on Uphold or where is it you’re experiencing this issue?

Yes when I try to create an Uphold account via BR

@PATX0 If you’re still having issues, I’m going to have you do me a favor and answer some questions to help me understand what’s going on.

  1. When you’re saying BR, you mean Brave Rewards?

  2. When you say to create an account, did you not go to and create an account there? I know you said in one of your earlier comments that you were going to create it directly. Not sure status of that.

  3. Part of what I have to understand is if your issue is when trying to connect your Rewards to Uphold or if your issue is actually in creating an account. The word choices matter and can be confusing. I’m assuming really meant “create an account” but want to make sure I’m not sitting here telling you things when you meant differently.

Also, make sure to share:

  • Which OS are you using? (Such as Windows 11)

  • Which version of Brave? (assuming it’s current, but helps to get verification)

  • Are you getting any error message or anything?

  • When you mention clicking next and nothing happens, can you provide a screenshot of that screen (Make sure no personal information like password or anything is visible in screenshot)

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