Gemeni wallet has same problem mentioned in update

MY gemeni wallet got two payments way lower than I was supposed to get. I was supposed to get 31.525 for first device and 17.915 on second device. I got 24.145 and 4.55163114. neither of those payments make any sense. does not add up to any of the payments I was supposed to receive. I want what I earned.

Hello @Covop3

Thanks for reaching out to Brave Support. Please submit a ticket to the Brave Rewards Support form:

From there a Support Agent can look further into the matter.

Have a great day!

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Could you DM me your Rewards ID?

Thank you!

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I sent in a ticket with all of that. ticket number 170793

Thank you! Looking into it

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I appreciate that. I just wish it was consistant. getting frustrating.

Sent screenshots to ticket email

Can I get an update on what is happening please:)? it has been days since I heard anything

how do I check my ticket?

@Evan123 dealing with the same issue. Got 0.25 bat when i was supposed to receive around 30 bat… also submitted ticket: 170853

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I think they are waiting for the correction payments to go through but it would be nice if they actually responded before they go away for the weekend. Why should i have to stress this all weekend when a simple message would help.

Been 5 days now without a reply. Now i am getting upset. This is unacceptable. Leaving your users in the dark is not right. I am beginning to think this is deliberate. I deserve what i earned and want resolution.

@Covop3 First off, Brave Support doesn’t tend to work over the weekends. So it’s not been five days. You posted on the 15th, which was Friday. It is now Tuesday. That’s 2 days.

Tickets take 3-5 business days typically before they even see tickets. Then it can take anywhere from hours, days, or weeks for them to resolve issues. It takes patience from people.

That said, I’m sure @Evan123 and/or @SaltyBanana are working on your ticket 170793. Also important is you make sure you’re checking your email, as that’s where replies regarding your ticket will occur.


Taking a look for you @Covop3. Thanks for your patience on this matter.

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Dont get rude with me Saoiray. I did wait 5 days(15-20). I am in the dark on this as many are. We have a right to complain. You guys not working weekends does not change the fact we have not gotten what we earned. I get it and was in my post about the weekend. You need to treat customers better.

Thanks evan for looking into this. I was replying to saioray the ninja in last reply.

Did you ever hear anything? Or get resolution?

No resolution yet. They did respond to my support ticket saying:

We are currently investigating the issue. We thank you for your patience.

Still waiting for a more informative update.

I was asked for my receive address. I asked for an update a day later. But nothing after. Good luck and ty for responding. Nice to have someone respond

I got resolution today. You should get it soon. Thanks evan and brave for helping me