Geforce Now Unplayable on Brave

GeForce Now is compatible with multiple web browsers, but unfortunately, it does not currently work on Brave. Since I have used Brave as my primary browser since 2020, this means I need to use a different browser, like Edge, specifically for GeForce Now streaming. It would be more convenient if GeForce Now added support for Brave, so I wouldn’t have to switch browsers just for gaming. Hopefully the developers will expand compatibility to include Brave in the future so users like me can enjoy GeForce Now directly in our browser of choice.

Can you please be more specific about what is happening when you attempt to use the service?

The problem is that the site is saying, “streaming games is not supported in this browser.” as i can only browse games thats it

Can you try disabling Shields for the site by visiting it, clicking the lion icon in the address bar and toggling them “off” and see if this makes any difference?

It is likely some protection we offer that is (I suspect Fingerprinting protection) causing the error. Either that or the UA string is not showing up as Chrome and that is what is throwing the “unsupported browser” message because the site should function the same way it does in Chrome.

I’m also interested in this. Disabling Shields doesn’t work as Nvidia has done something to detect Chrome and Edge specifically, other Chromium browser are not supported. Brave user agent is the same as Chrome but you can see e.g. on that few websites are somewhat able to detect Brave anyway