Gas fees too high on new wallet

So I was tinkering with the new Brave wallet and comparing gas fees with metamask. It seems like the default gwei recommended by brave wallet is much higher. This is true for both ETH and polygon network.

A while ago, when estimating gas for a transaction on polygon, brave set default gwei to 117, which is way above the standard recommended gwei at the time of 40. In contrast, metamask set gwei at 30. Problem is, even when I try to set a custom fee, it sets a base limit of 102, which is still very high. I get that fees on the polygon network are dirt cheap anyway but I still want to be able to set my gas fees however high or low as I want. And don’t even get me started on the ETH network.

Any explanation as to why default fees are set so high?

I believe this will fix the issue and will be in the next closest upcoming release.

This would help immensely and potentially allow me to revisit using the brave wallet vs. other web3’s. Thank you. I hope it gets implemented.

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