Gaming mode for the browser

A gaming browser mode that has a side panel with widgets and such for quick access to apps such as Discord and Twitch. Instead of getting crypto-related ads, you get game-related ads and you can use your BAT to redeem gift cards such as steam credit, riot games credits, and much more. It will open the browser to more than crypto-interested people. There could be a tab on the side panel where you can tell an AI bot what games you play and find other people that play the same/similar games. (sort of like a social place for gamers to meet other gamers.) In the settings, you can find more customization options like an RGB mode and even an RGB sync for your gaming keyboards and mice that are responsive to what’s on the screen or what you’re typing. and there is much more but my brain hit a roadblock so I don’t know what else to write. (if you have any other ideas write them in the comment/reply section)

Those features would be nice for gaming! I especially like the gift card idea!

1.) There is already a sidebar from which you can quick access any sites like discord or twitch.

2.) Brave has already partnered with gala games.
You can use BAT on gala’s own games to pay for stuff like nft etc

3.) There are also gaming related ads for brave rewards like from gala games, twitch etc which were available for some time in US region.