Galaxy S5E Tablet no background Photos

Purchased Galaxy S5E tablet and downloaded Brave, Home page contains icons and statistics but no background photo,

Searched Community, tried changing settings with no results, Same result when opening every new tab, Uninstalled and reinstalled. Any ideas?

Version Brave 1,0,94 Chromium74.0.3729.136
Operating System Android 9, SM-T720 Build/PPR1.180610.011

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Hello there this is my first post and I think I got it…
I had the same problem last year. No matter what theme I bought from the app store I could still see it. So what I did was turned on the the “DEVOLOPER OPTIONS” on my tablet. The reason why I found this better for me it was complete customizing . I removed pretty much all icons from my home screen… including the time, wifi, NFC, battery icon, head set connect. I did read that you have tried playing with settings but this will do you can l take whatever you want off . Hope this works @rasch. Hit your BUILD NUMBER 7 OR 8 TIMES AND YOUR GOOD.

thx i will try the developer option

Note that Brave mobile (Android and iOS) does not have the default background images that the desktop version does.

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