FYI Broke Site: Upland

I have an Upland account. Newbie, so need to renew Upland Visa every 7 days. Various problems with logging into account. Had the login problems with Brave (Release, Beta, Nightly), Firefox, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge. Problems included no login option, failed captcha load, and unable to renew visa (dead button if I am eventually able to log in).

To finally get a login and working captcha, I basically had to disable all privacy/security settings in the various browsers. Changing (disabling) various settings allowed me to login on all but Firefox (never could get login option). However, the renew visa button was dead after logging in on all of them.

Was able to log in with no problems and renew visa using Tor browser.

Just thought I would mention this on Brave Community especially since Upland has an ad campaign in progress. Couldn’t find others reporting this (didn’t look real hard lol) so it may be just me and my setup (win10 OS). I did report this to Upland for Firefox and Brave browsers.