FVD Speed Dial and Eversync


I have used FVD speed dial for years with chrome and mozilla based browsers.
Eversync is the plugin that allows syncing my FVD speed dials and bookmarks.
I refuse to use chrome and looking for a good secure alternative and being able to continue to use fvd speed dial and everysync would make that the best deal for me :slight_smile:
Thank you

Speed Dial Feature
The list of the requested extensions
Speed Dial Feature

I rely on this for my bookmarks and dials. Please make it available for brave so I can continue to use brave.
I have too many dials saved to just copy them over and need to use them.
Please add FVD speed dial and eversynd to BRAVE ASAP>


This topic is exactly why I joined the forum, hoping to find out if the Everhelper extensions (Eversync and FVD Speed Dial) were supported. Please add my voice to those that would earnestly like to see these made available. Definite “must have” items for any browser, in my opinion. Really indispensable.


Same as CthulhuSaves, I joint this forum for the same reason.

If FVD Speed Dial is added I will use Brave as default browser as I do rely on this extension for ease of use and all my bookmarks.
It will be a great addition to this browser.


I currently use xmarks, but if EverSync is added to Brave, I will gladly make Brave my default browser.

At work I am restricted to IE and Chrome, and I can sync some things, and access my Google account, but I cannot install Brave, so cross browser sync is vital for me.

Make it happen!!!


I just started using Brave after Firefox broke my fav speeddial. Saddened to find none here, because I much prefer the rest of the browser.

Please implement speed dial.


Add my vote for this…I love the browser overall, but with FVD and Eversynch I just can’t make it my default or use it regularly. If this were added I’d switch instantly.


I liked this and I’m replying here because of similarity.

Hello guys and gals at Brave. I was using Firefox with Speed Dial addon (http://speeddial.uworks.net/) like for ages, untill Quantum broke it. I continued with compatible Group Speed Dial addon (https://fastaddons.com/). However, I’m not really satisfied by Quantum nor by GSD behaviour… and your Brave browser seems lighter and faster. Yes, very nice! But to switch to it and use it as default I need two main things:

  1. some speed dial feature; I’m so used to it I simply can’t imagine browsing without it;
  2. ability to import/export bookmarks in simple html format.

Add these and you’ll have me.

Thank you for your time. Keep up the good work,


Same with me…Without this FVD Speed dial I cannot make the switch. I have all my bookmarks saved, and it works flawlessly between all my pc and different browsers. Please consider adding this with the Eversync


Has there been any progress or replacement made yet??


Any update on this? I badly need this… :frowning:


Here is my 2 cents on why we cannot switch without it…

The FVD Speed Dial and its companion Eversync extensions save my team countless hours and greatly simplify our daily workflow. With this setup, we are able to train new hires on our sales team more quickly since we can import the groups to their devices and they can SEE the resources they need as visual representations and this eases them into the daily workflow much more quickly, without having to remember bookmark names or try to come up with some cumbersome sorting as an aid… the visual representation is very helpful since new hires are inevitably overloaded with new information anyway. It has also cut down on errors made when team mates order from the wrong suppliers when they can see the images of the sites in our workflow groups it becomes so much easier for everyone to make correct associations.


I use FVD SPEED DIAL from a long time and I need it to change definitively my browsner for BRAVE. In general, Please, Hurry Up.


It’s one of the reasons I joined this forum: I can’t live without bookmarks synchronisation over many devices and browsers. Brave will be my primary browser when this extension is available!


Please add FVD SPEED DIAL, it’s a deal breaker for me.


I concur - please add FVD SPEED DIAL (it doesn’t appear there has been any progress despite this request being over a year old) - it’s a deal breaker for me as well. The rest of the chrome extensions that you don’t support I can live without.



Please add FVD Speed Dial. If you do, I will have everything that I need to make Blur my one and only.