Futureproofe development 2ideas

Hi am new here but recognized that.
Block trackers yes
Adblock yes

But more and more sites grow to hide their content unless you disable adblock for their site.

Feature request is to make a pool of fake identifies that can be fed to these bots.

2nd that ads are loaded but are overpainted with background like collor with universal eye icon (add). So the webpage thinks we read them. And lets us in.
While loaded, an algorithm can be run to allocate spaces reserved for adds and overpaint in front layer those areas in advance. Because slower loading adds that keep moving the content around are most pain in t.ass.
So this way the adds get loaded and add servers send money to content creators.

But in the long run, we pull for the shorter rope. Because they have content that we want. So this would be also temporary.
What about building a fair network?
There is always a fair price one should get for a webpage. But who wants to pay for some web articles you click 100times per day? Have long thought about fair solutions and am lacking of people to share it with end evolve into usable solutions/alternatives. Once an alternative becomes feasible more and more people will use it.