Future Feature: Brave Rewards and VPN Interoperability


As discussed in another thread I am wondering if Brave plans to support VPN usage with Brave rewards in the future or if this feature is already being currently worked on. Furthermore will Brave support VPNs that are not Brave VPN with Brave Rewards?

Currently when using VPNs it causes me to lose ads despite being placed in a region with a very high number of ad campaigns running. I believe many users that have migrated to Brave are here for three things primarily: the speed and optimization, security, and the ability to accumulate BAT. I know it is probably not an easy task to code in but it’s just a thought that’s crossed my mind.

Any tips, tricks, notes, information, or updates are much appreciated! Also if you want to see this feature implemented or something similar reply here and like this.

so… do you want the vpn support so you can get more ads… do you know advertisers are paying brave to show ads to users with specific characteristics ? – region, device used, etc.–

the forum already have a “feature request” category for that, here is not the right place

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