Fuse browser cookie settings with Brave shields


I think the way Brave is currently structured is due to it being based on Chromium and you added your own features on top.
With regards to the cookie settings, this makes things unnecessarily complicated:
If you enable cookies in shields for a certain site, they can still be blocked in the browser settings and vice versa. I think you should work on merging shields with the browser settings in this regard so if I click the shields icon and enable cookies for a site, this site is then automatically added to the “cookies allowed” list in the browser settings. Naturally, we should have the option to allow cookies for the site only once (for the respective session) or to always allow them but always clear on exit.
Enabling cookies for all sites should automatically make it so in shields EXCEPT for the sites we previously blocked them on.
You get the idea… basically make it so we only have to organize our cookie settings once either in the browser settings or with the shields settings. Currently, even though Shields is an integral part of Brave, it feels like an extension that doesn’t harmonize well with the browser.

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