Funds were lost from your account

Hello everyone and @steeven
On the forum, one of the employees told me that if I disable my YouTube channel and connect to another account of the publisher of the brave, I will not only unite my channels for further work with the referral system, but also receive funds that were on my old publisher account, as a result, 3 days have passed and my funds that were linked to my channel have not appeared on the balance of the new publisher account. Where did my funds go? I was deceived by an employee and the funds were lost?
I will explain the situation - I used to work in this system but then stopped, opened a new YouTube channel and after a while re-registered and remembered about the old channel on the old account. During my absence, I accumulated more than 1000 coins, and as a result, I lost everything.

waiting for a response, thank you all in advance!

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Same here I had to start rewards over after un then re installed the app

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