Funds not sent to Uphold & balance mismatch


I have two issues but the are closely related. I have Brave Rewards operating on 3 devices - personal & work laptop and mobile. For the past two months I have not received the funds as per the rewards page into my uphold account.

All devices are linked to my wallet, both laptops show the correct wallet amount. The mobile was only recently linked to the wallet and has a different amount, it includes the amount shown on the laptops but also includes +6 months of rewards from the phone.

For example (numbers rounded for ease)
Previous wallet balance - 28BAT
Personal laptop est rewards for Sept: 7BAT
Work laptop est rewards for Sept: 8BAT
Funds received into Uphold from “Brave Software International”: 0.26BAT and 0.295BAT
New wallet balance - 28.5BAT

Both browsers still show 7 & 8 BAT to be paid however the ‘next payment date’ has changed to next month.

On top of this, on my mobile I have over 100BAT. When I link to my uphold, the balance changed to 128BAT which would be correct, however the Uphold account never changes and is still only the 28BAT, as reflected in the account and in the browser on the laptops.

Why are the correct funds not being paid to my Uphold account from Brave, and why when I link the mobile to my Uphold account does it not send the funds to my Uphold account? The mobile has been linked for over 3 months now

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