Funds not credited



I have topped up my Brave wallet, however the amount was not credited to my account balance.

Please advise.


Hi @rewer,

It may take a while before the balance shows up on about:preferences#payments. Let’s wait for now. And if it still not showing up for more than 24 hours, let us know.



Nothing. My total account balance has not increased.


Thanks for the update @rewer! cc @LaurenWags for help.


What do you mean by “cc @LaurenWags for help.”? I did not find any way to contact Brave support. How do I get my funds?


I’m cc-ing one of Brave team. She can help looking on your issue. :slight_smile:



Can you please take a screenshot of the entire top part of the payments page (everything above the ‘Show included sites’ toggle’)?

Also, what is your OS? I’ll send instructions for how to find your paymentId which we can use for investigation.



Linux D 4.13.0-45-generic #50~16.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Wed May 30 11:18:27 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Thanks for looking into this @LaurenWags

@eljuno Thanks for bringing this to Lauren’s attention :slight_smile:


Hi @LaurenWags,

Any updates?


From your screenshot, I can see that your next contribution is ‘Currently Processing’ - while a contribution is processing you won’t get balance updates. Once the contribution is complete, I believe you should get a balance update.


Hi @LaurenWags.

You were correct, my total balance got updated.

I would like to understand how payments work a bit better. As you can see on the screenshot in my previous message, I had 55 of my own BAT and 15 bonus BAT from Brave. My monthly budget was set to 15 BAT, and the latest payment was processed on 6/26. Would you please explain why I have only 40 BAT at the moment? It is my understanding I should have had 55 BAT after the latest payment.

Thank you.


@rewer that’s what I would expect as well. Ok, let’s try this:

  1. Can you click on the clock icon (next to the gear), and open your latest statement. Could you grab a screenshot of what appears at the top of that page (enough to show me the amount contributed, I don’t need to see which sites you contributed to).
  2. You’re on Linux, correct? Do you install via snap?




You’re on Linux, correct?


Do you install via snap?

Do not know.


Since you’re not sure, let’s start with the standard Linux install. Could you navigate to ~/.config/brave and open your ledger-state.json file. You can just use a text editor for this, you will not be saving any changes. In this file find paymentId and private message it to me please. I’ll share this with a team member who can review your wallet on the server.



Sorry for the delay.

Have just PM’ed you the details.

Please keep me posted.


Any updates @LaurenWags?


Hi @rewer,

Will PM you.



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