Funds in Brave wallet not being transferred anywhere


Hi all,

A while ago I transfered some BAT to my brave wallet but not sure how I can use them. It seems like I do have a balance (see screenshot) but it’s been the same for a couple of months… never gets transferred to any of the sites I visit. How do I even use this? I have a personal site that is part of the sites in my list and I was expecting to get some email from Brave to try out the experience for publishers but so far I haven’t received anything.

Lastly, is there a way to send the tokens out of my Brave Wallet to Upload so that I can try re-setting my wallet?

I’m a big fan of this project, but honestly the experience around using BATs has been very painful.


Hi @jonathanrico

I’m sorry you’re having a painful experience, I’m happy to try and help out.

First, could you tell me your OS and Brave versions? I can provide instructions on how to grab a piece of information so we can review what’s going on with your wallet on the server side.

Regarding publishers (I believe that’s the email you are expecting from Brave), here are some FAQs that might give you the information you’re looking for:

Lastly, we currently do not have a way to send funds out of the Brave wallet (see this FAQ item:, however once you provide your OS and I get a teammate to review your wallet server-side, we’ll work with you to figure out what’s going on with your wallet.



Hi Lauren,


I’m using OSX and my Brave version is : 0.19.105 . Please let me know what the instructions are to review what’s going on with my wallet server side. Thanks.


First, let’s get you on the latest version, which is 0.19.122. You should be able to check for updates from Brave > Check for Updates. There was a fix put in after 0.19.105 for ‘Overdue’ contributions not happening. After you update to latest that should fix your problem - although not instantaneously, after a few hours.

Let’s try that first and then go from there if needed.



Ok cool, I see next contribution date as Dec 25th now. Will wait until the next contribution date.


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