Funds disappeared from wallet


I had my BAT from the airdrop in the browser wallet, 40 BAT, I know its no a lot but they disappeared from my wallet and even after using my recovery key it seem like there is no fund in it.

Is it possible that brave took them away because I wasn’t using them yet?


Hi @27aume were they all from giveaways/grants?


If anybody else experienced a similar, please have a look at the comments below here. There have been several issues regarding this matter and it seems to have been resolved and I think everybody should have received a receipt by now.

NejcZdovc, ‘Most of remaining contributions that are failing is due to a giveaways expiring which is not correctly reflected in the balance. We are working on a fix that will solve it. Problem is that for example grant expired, but because this was not reflected in the balance contribution is still triggered, even though that balance is not up to date and that’s why contribution is stuck.’

Evq, ‘…fix mentioned is in place. Existing grants are now fully expired.For anyone who has been actively trying to redeem expired grants and failed, we’ve gone ahead and made a deposit for the value of your grants to your wallets. You should see your contributions go through now, please let us know if you don’t!’.

So supposedly contributions should appear in the wallet of publishers on the 8th of next month because of when the bulk settlements after this fix was triggered.


I received them in the airdrop there is a couple of months I was keeping them for the future in case there is new feature to try other than monthly payment to websites.


I having a hard time understanding the giveaway can expire, not sure what grants mean (airdrop?)? sorry if im misinformed


Hi @27aume,

The BAT received from the past grants have the expiration date. And if not be used in 90 days, it’ll be sent back to the growth pool. If I’m not wrong, it’s clear enough after you claim the grant because it show the banner with the information about the expiration.

However, Brave did another grant. And like previous grants, it’s also have 90 days expiration date.

Hope that clear for you.


Hi @27aume

Yes, @eljuno is correct, the previous UGP Grants (giveaways) had a 90 day expiration date as do the ones announced today. They are meant to be used to support content creators. Here is the blog post from the original giveaway - you will find the 90 day expiration mentioned in the blog:



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