Funding the BAT wallet with Uphold - How to create BAT card or transfer USD?


I created an uphold account and funded it. But at that point how I get money from Uphold to the Brave wallet is sketchy.
a) When I use the BAT wallet address and attempt to send from the USD card, I am told that the account number is not valid even though it is copied directly from the Brave dialog box.
b) I have looked in Uphold for a place to create a BAT card and then convert USD to BAT, but Uphold does not have (as shown visually on the brave payments scheme) a BAT card.

I’d like to support, but I can’t get money into the system you are using and recommending. It needs to be easier, or there needs to be a full step by step explanation.


Hi @brownmp

One of my team members put together a blog post on funding your Brave wallet - it can be found here:



Thank you for the response. Part of the problem is that when I click on that show all, or attempt to “add card/currency” neither BAT nor Bitcoin nor any of the crypto currencies are available to add or favorite. I’ve put a snapshot of the relevant portion of the screen in. I recognize that Uphold isn’t your baby, but I can’t imagine that I’m the only one that has run into this. Maybe when the initial transfer in from the bank in finished processing I will be able to add it. But as of right now, in the partner you direct towards, I can’t create or add the necessary card.


Hi @brownmp

Where are you located? If you don’t want to post, you can private message me.



I’m in Rochester, NY.


I was wondering if you are in NY. The issue you are experiencing is due to the NY Bitlicense program:



Thank you. Somehow it is always the People’s Republic of NY. I should have guessed they were trying to erect a tollbooth.


The main thing holding me back from using Brave Payments is the number of hoops that require being jumped through just to set up Uphold. It makes me really uneasy being asked to supply a photo of an important ID over the internet when Brave could potentially instead allow us to use PayPal as an alternative. One of the big ticket items that drew me to the browser is pushing me away due to the ridiculous process of trying to get it set up for a non-crypto user.


We will be adding the ability to fund your wallet with a credit card soon:



Yeah, that whole giving a picture copy of my ID felt very sketchy. And then to have done it and not be able to actually use it because I’m in NY. I get the point, but the tech isn’t there for mass use yet.

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