Fund held in brave creator

Payment held in brave creator.I have 350 bat in my creator .but now it shows fund held.what to do now

me too, and for several months … I wrote to the address: They couldn’t help me … Brave is just a big joke that makes me laugh more …

@Mattches @steeven what is the procedure to release our funds?



:point_up: If you really sent an email here, then you should already know what the procedure is since you are told after the first email.

Please refer to the following thread regarding your suspension: Important Information regarding Account Reviews/Suspensions

I do not lie. Who should I contact, which service? The problem is that when I receive other tips, they accumulate in the blocked funds …

Is your account in the Suspended state – or are you in the No grants state?

it was clarified that I could still receive tips but that however, I could no longer receive grants

If your account is in the No grants state, you should see or have seen a notification here on your Creators dashboard:

I just mention help funds description

Can you please send me a direct message with the email you use to login to your Creators account?

Please do not put your email/personal information on the public forum. I asked you to send me a Direct message with the information for this reason.

For you also: Please do not put your email/personal information on the public forum.

Further, do not hijack other users threads with your own issues. Additionally, for both of you (and everyone I guess) – suspensions are not discussed here on Community. Suspensions should be handled via the email.

Ok, perfect, thanks and the contacts and pass test of everything

@Mattches I have no more news from you …

They are still held.
Can you tell me the problems that forces
to held fund