up till tonight brave had been working great - tonight i had to reboot the pc click on brave and it comes up as a new install all my saved passwords are gone i cannot access any of my accounts as i was using the password generator and brave was auto saving everything. How can i get everything back why has this happened - was there a new version released thats auto installed. i EVEN HAD TO CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT HERE JUST TO TRY AND GET SOME HELP.

Can you please tell me what OS you were using as well as the last Brave version you were using before this update (if you can remember, even roughly)? Do you know if you were several updates behind before this occurred?

Additionally when looking at the browser, is this by chance a new profile that has launched or is this the only profile? You can tell easily by checking to see whether or not there is an icon on the top-right side near the main menu (shown below) — if there is an icon, then there’s likely more than one profile. If there is not one, you are using the only profile.

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